This Day in FAA History: January 22nd

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19350122: The Bureau of Air Commerce appointed an inspector in South America to renew licenses for U.S. airmen and aircraft of U.S. registry.
19350122: The Federal Aviation Commission (see July 11, 1934) submitted its report to the President, recommending the establishment of an independent Air Commerce Commission that would eventually be absorbed, along with agencies regulating other forms of transportation, into an overall transportation agency. The commission also suggested that Congress empower the Department of Commerce to install lights and other navigational aids at selected airports, and recommended that Congress ban holding-company operations and other monopolistic practices in the aeronautical industry. On January 31, 1935, in forwarding the report to the Congress, President Roosevelt said he was unable to concur in the commission’s recommendation for creating what he called a “temporary” Air Commerce Commission. Until a permanent transportation agency was created, the President said the needs of air transportation could be well served by a division of the Interstate Commerce Commission. Congressman Clarence Lea (D-Calif.) introduced legislation to enact the commission’s recommendations, but the bill died in 1936.
19690122: John A. Volpe became Secretary of Transportation, succeeding Alan S. Boyd (see January 16, 1967), who had resigned with the change in administrations. Volpe, a successful building contractor, had served as Governor of Massachusetts. (See February 2, 1973.)
19970122: Department of Transportation Inspector General Kenneth Mead issued a report saying that poor cost estimating processes for FAA air traffic control modernization projects resulted in unreliable cost and financial information, increasing the likelihood of poor investment decisions.
20050122: The engineered materials arresting system installed at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport successfully stopped a Boeing 747-200 cargo aircraft that overran the runway. (See May 30, 2003; July 17, 2006.)