This Day in FAA History: February 19th

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19750219: FAA announced that it had ordered air taxi operators using business-type jets to equip these aircraft with Cockpit Voice Recorders and Flight Data Recorders by May 15, 1975. (See August 5, 1957, June 26, 1964, and March 25, 1987.)
19820219: The Boeing 757 first flew. On December 21, 1982, FAA certificated the first version of the Boeing 757, a narrow-body jet capable of carrying up to 219 passengers in short/medium range flights and designed to replace the Boeing 727, the single most popular jetliner model produced to date, but obsolescent in terms of noise, fuel efficiency, and flight crew productivity. Powered by two Rolls-Royce 535C engines, the 757 was the first Boeing airliner launched with foreign-made engines. Eastern Air Lines and British Airways had placed orders for the medium-range airliner on August 31, 1978.
19970219: FAA and National Weather service launched an experimental aviation digital data service, via the Internet, to provide weather information to the aviation community.
20140219: FAA Administrator Michael Huerta unveiled his four strategic initiatives at a FAA-wide town hall event. He noted that while the transformational agenda would span beyond the next four years, he expected to see significant progress toward the vision in that timeframe. The four initiatives were titled: risk-based decision making; the NAS; global leadership; and workforce of the future. (See September 30, 2003.)