This Day in FAA History: June 13th

Full FAA Chronology at this link.
19680613: The Secretary of Transportation delegated responsibility for administering the aircraft loan guarantee program to the FAA Administrator. The Department of Transportation Act of 1966 had transferred final loan guarantee responsibility from the Secretary of Commerce to the Secretary of Transportation. Authority to guarantee loans under the act had lapsed in 1967, but was renewed in 1973 with changes that included an increase of the maximum limit per carrier to $30 million. (See October 15, 1962, and September 7, 1977.)
19790613: The following changes in the FAA Washington Headquarters organization became effective on this date:
*A new Office of Associate Administrator for Airports was established.
*The Office of Airport Programs and the position of Assistant Administrator for Airports Programs were abolished.
*The Office of Airport Standards and the Office of Airport Planning and Programming were established and placed under the executive direction of the Associate Administrator for Airports.
*Metropolitan Washington Airports were placed under the executive direction of the Associate Administrator for Airports.
19900613: FAA dedicated its first child care center to be built “from the ground up” in a ceremony at the Aeronautical Center.
19950613: FAA unveiled the National Plan for Civil Aviation Human Factors, a joint FAA-DOD-NASA initiative. The Plan outlined a national agenda to eliminate aviation accidents caused by human error. Its elements included: identifying needs and problems involving human performance; guiding research programs to address the human element; involving the nation’s top scientists and aviation professionals; and sharing the resulting information with the aviation community.
20070613: FAA announced release of the “NextGen Concept of Operation,” a document which laid out the blueprint for the development and execution of the NextGen system. (See May 16, 2007; June 2007; September 26, 2007.)
20200613: Sky Harbor Regional Airport in Duluth, Minnesota, opened a new 2,600 foot runway. FAA funded nearly the entire cost of the $13.2 million project.
20220613: FAA required SpaceX to take more than 75 actions to mitigate environmental impacts before the next launch in Boca Chica, Texas. Measures included addressing effects on wildlife and resources protected by the National Historic Preservation Act and real-time monitoring of the closure of State Highway 4. SpaceX also had to meet all the requirements for a FAA Launch Operator License and FAA risk, safety, and financial responsibility requirements. (September 15, 2021.)