This Day in FAA History: June 22nd

Full FAA Chronology at this link.
19810622: Department of Transportation and PATCO representatives reached agreement on a tentative new contract after a marathon bargaining session, thus averting a threatened nationwide strike by PATCO-affiliated controllers that had been scheduled to begin at 7 a.m., Monday, June 22.
20070622: Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters, FAA Administrator Marion Blakey, and Minister Praful Patel from the Ministry of Civil Aviation in India signed a memorandum of agreement that established the U.S.-India Aviation Cooperation Program, a U.S. government and industry initiative to promote aviation relations and cooperation with Indian counterparts. (See April 6, 2004.)
20120622: A fire at FAA’s William J. Hughes Technical Center forced the evacuation of 1,600 people working at the complex. The fire made some traffic flow systems unavailable. Operations resumed at the Center the following Monday, although 230 employees working the Center’s main administrative building had to be relocated. FAA subsequently estimated the fire caused $2.2 million in damages to the facility.
20160622: FAA commissioned the new TRACON at Palm Beach International Airport.
20170622: Bell Helicopter announced FAA certification of its new Model 505 Jet Ranger X.
20180622: FAA and the European Commission signed an agreement – called Bilateral Oversight Board Decision 0008 (BOB 0008) – which reduced involvement of the validating authority and opened the door to lower the fees EASA charged U.S. manufacturers. The agreement also permitted the agencies to approve basic aircraft type certifications with minimal scrutiny.
20200622: The Department of Transportation issued an order requiring Indian air carriers to apply to the Department for statements of authorization prior to conducting charter flights. The Department took the action because the Government of India engaged in unfair and discriminatory practices with respect to U.S. charter air transportation services to and from India. The order allowed the Department to scrutinize charter flights by Indian carriers on a case-by-case basis. The Department wanted to restore a level playing field for U.S. airlines, as provided for in the U.S.-India Air Transport Agreement. A subsequent agreement between the two nations allowed commercial flights to resume on July 23.
20200622: Southwest Airlines Flight 370 became the first United States commercial flight flown by a pilot with insulin-treated Type A diabetes at the controls. (See May 25, 2018.)
20210622: FAA selected sixteen organizations to administer its Recreational Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety Test (TRUST). The agency developed the test to provide recreational drone flyers with aeronautical safety knowledge and an overview of the rules for operating drones in the national airspace system. The test could be taken through the following approved organizations
* Academy of Model Aeronautics
* Boy Scouts of America
* Chippewa Valley Technical College
* Community College of Allegheny County–West Hills Center
* CrossFlight Sky Solutions LLC
* Drone Launch Academy LLC
* Drone U
* Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
* HSU Educational Foundation
* Lake Area Technical College
* Pilot Institute
* Proctorio Incorporated
* Tactical Aviation
* UAV Coach
* University of Arizona Global Campus
* Volatus Aerospace Corp
20230622: FAA began operating a mobile tower at Leesburg Executive Airport after canceling the remote tower being tested there. The airport expected the mobile platform—a tower cab with radios and weather sensors mounted on a trailer—would stay in place until 2028 when the town hoped to erect a permanent ATC tower. The agency covered the cost of leasing the mobile tower through September 2023, after which Leesburg rented the structure for $10,000 a month. FAA agreed to pay controllers’ salaries through September 2028. (See September 29, 2021.)