This Day in FAA History: June 28th

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19390628: Pan American Airways inaugurated the first regularly scheduled transatlantic passenger airline service by heavier-than-air craft (see May 19, 1939). A Boeing 314 flying boat made the flight from New York to the Azores, Lisbon, and Marseilles. Pan American opened passenger service between New York and Southhampton, England, on July 8. The outbreak of World War II in Europe soon forced curtailment of these routes, and by October 3, 1939, only the New York to Lisbon portion was operating. (See June 1, 1945.)
19660628: The design of the Dulles International Airport terminal building won for Eero Saarinen and Associates one of three “first honors” awards for architectural excellence presented by the American Institute of Architects for 1966. The awards jury cited the Dulles terminal for conveying the “free and graceful movement that we associate with flight,” and stated that the entire project set “a new high in architectural achievement by the Federal Government.” (See February 22, 1978.)
19950628: FAA directed airlines and airports in California to increase security measures and warned passengers to be alert for suspicious baggage and parcels. The precautions responded to a threat from the so-called “Unabomber” received by the San Francisco Chronicle on June 27. Postal authorities also implemented certain temporary restrictions on mailing packages from California. The Unabomber’s alleged crimes included several related to aviation, among them responsibility for an explosion in an American Airlines cargo hold on November 15, 1979, that caused 12 persons to suffer smoke inhalation. On April 3, 1996, Federal agents detained Theodore Kaczynski as a suspect in the Unabomber case.
20170628: FAA announced the appointment of Dan Elwell as deputy administrator. Elwell previously served as FAA assistant administrator for policy, planning and environment from 2006 to 2008. Most recently, he had been the senior advisor on aviation to U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao. Before returning to public service, Elwell was president and managing partner of Elwell and Associates, an aviation consulting firm. Elwell also was senior vice president for safety, security and operations at Airlines for America and a vice president at the Aerospace Industries Association. (See July 18, 2016.)
20190628: FAA’s new airmen certification standards for the airline transport pilot rating became effective. The standards brought together the previously used practical test standards with additional requirements for the certificate, updates to the knowledge exam, and notes formerly distributed across a variety of source materials.
20190628: Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. announced FAA type and production certification of its new Gulfstream G600.